Girl Comes Incomplete

I dream.

I am running. Trapped in a valley, in the barren winter of my limbo.The disfigured boughs of blackened trees suppress the constellations above, suffocating all light. Beasts chase me and I flee blind. There is no chance of escape. This hunt is familiar and I know how it will end.

I stumble and feel them inch closer, their fiery breath burning hot on my neck.

A star breaks through the branches and hurtles towards me. As it approaches, its shape becomes defined against the darkness. I realise it isn’t a star but a bird. A snow white raven heading straight for me. I have no time to alter course, I know what fate awaits me if I slow my pace for a second. I brace for impact with the bird, but as we collide she alights on my shoulder and croaks directions into my ear. My legs respond of their own accord, her power over me is absolute.

In the distance, I see a patch of milky twilight.

“There,” she caws. “Run. There. Fast”.

My exhausted muscles scream but I dig deep and arrive at a wall of holly. The branches part at my arrival. I step though into a dense fog; the ground feels solid but supple. Pulsing with energy as though alive.

The jagged hedge closes behind me and the beasts cannot follow but still they chase my scent. Their noses sniff the ground, growling and yapping as they track my escape.

I turn to look into the raven’s emerald eyes for the first time. “Who are you?” I ask.

“A friend,” comes the reply.

Supermassive Black Hole

I grinned, “This is turning into a perfect day.”

He turned back to me and took another sip of his wine. His eyes met mine and made me far giddier than all the alcohol I had already consumed that evening. There was a long moment of silence.

I still feel bad I haven’t read the book,” he said finally. “Perhaps we should print it off while you’re here? Maybe you could read it to me on the roadtrip?”.

A rush of adrenaline filled my veins. I didn’t know if i could, some of the things I had said had made me cringe when I was reading them alone, I dreaded to think how embarrassing it would be with him beside me.

“We could but it will cost you a fortune in paper and ink,” I said. “I used a whole ream on my copy”.

“I don’t have a printer, I was thinking that we could break into my office and do it there.”

“Break in? You’re insane.”

“You love it,” he grinned, taking another sip of wine. “So are you game?”

“You know me, you lead and I’ll follow.”